Welcome to our FAQ section. Here you can find answers to your doubts about Opinaia and how you can participate in surveys.

If you still have any question, you may write to us in the Contact section.

Opinaia is a company exclusively dedicated to market research. Our panel has members in practically all of Latin America and Spain. We will only contact users for the purposes of our surveys.
In the Web Homepage you will find a section called Join. You just need to log in and sign up. We will send you an email for you to confirm your account. And then you will be able to complete your profile.
When answering surveys, you will receive coins that you will be able to exchange for rewards. Also, as you are part of the panel, you can participate in the monthly sweepstakes we hold for all our panelists.
For every survey in which you participate, you will earn certain amount of coins. You will be able to collect the coins to redeem them in the store whenever you want; they do not expire!

Your information is stored by Opinaia under the strictest security systems. Your information will never be used for a purpose different from inviting you to participate in market research studies. Neither will it be disclosed to third parties.

Your opinion is anonymous and is not connected to your identity, but we group them with other participants opinion.

Thanks to your honest answers, the companies hiring Opinaia make decisions to create products and services that will better meet your needs. Opinaia works as a community of respondents; if your opinion is not sincere, you will affect other community members negatively.
You will receive invitations to complete surveys exclusively in the email inbox you registered with. If you wish to modify your contact information, send an email to
The time between surveys depends on the need of participants with your characteristics the companies hiring us required. If you answer surveys responsibly and honestly, you will very likely be invited to be part of a larger number of studies.
Surveys are available for a short time, so we recommend that you participate as soon as you can.
The time to complete a survey varies considerably, it may take from only a few minutes to 30 minutes. We will always keep you informed of the average duration of the survey for you to be able to have the time to complete it. The reward will be based on your effort.
You need to contact us through the contact form so that one of our technical representatives can address your problem.
You need to contact us through the contact form so that one of our technical representatives can address your problem.
Most of our surveys have a Smartphone or tablet-friendly design. On occasions, there are surveys that can only be completed from a desktop computer. We will let you know if that is the case.
Usually, your answers are saved and you may continue from where you left. However, remember the surveys are only available for a short time.
Even though when you complete your profile we have certain information, our clients may need to have such information.

In the store you will be able to see prizes and the coins you need to redeem for each prize. Remember that every time you complete a survey, you will be given coins that you can collect.

Once you have reached the score required for the prize you want, you may request redemption by clicking on the redeem button next to the description of each prize.

Once you have requested the redemption, our team will validate the coins you have earned in good faith, and the process to award the prize will begin.

You will be informed on all the details of the redemption by email. Remember to have your contact email address updated. Additionally, you will be able to see the redemption balance in your account.
Yes. As being an active panelist, you may take part in the monthly sweepstakes.
Sweepstakes take place every month.
Sweepstakes winners are contacted by email to coordinate the prize delivery.
When you log in to your account, you will see a section with the coins you have earned. You may also click on See history, and access your account movements.
All the email communications we send to you have a link to unsuscribe from the panel. You can also do it from your account in the unsubscribed section. Keep in mind that when you unsubscribe you lose all the coins you have earned.
Yes, of course. Many of our clients have special projects; you may take part in them. Special projects will be rewarded with a number of coins consistent with the effort you make, or with some particular gift.
With your opinion you may influence on major brands decisions and public decisions. Besides by giving your opinion, you will participate in sweepstakes and for prizes.